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KTS and ETSys have recently completed a successful trial of two lanes at 600yds.

The trial was conducted on Century range at Bisley from  9th - 12th Dec.04 using a pair of model H1H targets (1800mm wide).

The purpose of the trial was to allow NRA shooters to test the system and report back to the NRA on the feasibility of converting the range to electronic targets over the next few years.

We are very pleased that so many shooters gave positive feedback and also some good ideas for modifications to the system to suit NRA target rifle shooting.



      Model H1H 600yd Target 1.8m.                            F class at 600yds



On the 12/13th March 2005 KTS and ETSys completed another successful trial of a 1000yd target, on Stickledown Range at Bisley. The target and system were tested by a number of Great Britain shooters, using the new, military specification monitor NMM-2.

The target, Model H1J, is 3000mm X 2000mm, but still uses the extremely accurate 4 sensor system that is the heart of all Kongsberg target systems that are dedicated to target shooting.

An independent report for the NRA has proved that the accuracy of the Kongsberg system using this target at 1000 yds. was measured to an incredible, mean average of 0.65mm. This is smaller than the printed line on a paper target.


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Dorking Rifle Club April 2005

After the success of the Bisley trial at 600 and 1000yds, Dorking Rifle Club have ordered 4 lanes at 3/5/600yds with the target model H1H and using Kongsberg radio link technology. Dorking tell us that their range is very "boggy" and not suitable for running a cable from the firing point to the targets. KTS and ETSys will provide a customised package which will be capable of running completely from battery power.


     *NEW TARGET* 12th Feb 2005

KTS have introduced a brand new target design to their already extensive range.

This target (Model H3D) has been designed to be used from 10m (air) to 50m (.22cal) so now, for the first time, you can have just one target model for any distance between 10-50m.The target can also be used for full bore pistol at 20m.



Using the target model H3D, Kongsberg have developed a low cost, single lane for live firing using a personal laptop, for complete personal control.

The costs have been slashed by combining the monitor and server in your own laptop.

Imagine being able to shoot with the accuracy and ease of the KTS system and take the scores away with you to view and print at your leisure.

Shoot on the range at 50m .22 and then take the target home to train at 10m air, and keep  all the results on your laptop.

This new, innovative shooting system, will be launched in August 05. Be one of the first to have your own, personal, mobile electronic shooting range.







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