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FAQs for ETSys


Q.     Your electronic target products are very interesting but why do you not provide prices on your website?

A.     KTS target systems cover a wide range of configuration and users in different countries. At ETSys we prefer to offer a personal pricing structure based on your chosen target system, shooting distance and quantity. Contact us by phone or email, or fill in the feedback form with details of your requirements and we will give you full details of a suitable system for your range.


Q.     Is it possible to use KTS targets at two different distances, at the same time?

A.     Yes, the system has this capability designed into in the server. This means that you could run two ranges, say 50m and 10m, simultaneously.


Q.     How many targets can be run on one server?

A.     The recommended maximum number that can be run from one server is twenty targets. But, if you had a range with 25 targets then the server would be ok to run the extra five targets.


Q.     Does KTS offer a wireless system for long range targets?

A.     KTS run a wireless system on their moving targets but currently do not offer a standard wireless system for static targets. KTS work extensively with the Scandinavian Armed Forces and their choice is always for a hard wired system. This is much more robust than wireless.It does not have the possibility of electromagnetic interference (when using a shielded cable) and there are no components that can be easiy damaged i.e. directional arials. Having said this, KTS do have the technology available to supply a wireless range, to overcome problems of running cable through inaccessable terrain.


Q.     What happens if someone shoots one of the sensors in a target? Does it stop working?

A.     No, the target will continue to work with three sensors instead of four. An error message will be shown on the monitor and also on the PC running the Orion software (if used). At the end of the shooting session, the damaged sensor can easily be replaced, at a minimal cost.


Q.     What is the reason for the rubber band on the target?

A.     The rubber band is used on long range targets (50m+)It is hidden behind the aiming mark and heat shield. It’s purpose is to keep the integrity of the sound chamber where the sensors are located. The band is made of natural rubber and when a bullet passes through, the hole closes to a pinprick thereby stopping any extraneous sounds from entering the chamber.


Q.     How long does each band last?

A.     The more accurate the shooting at the centre of the target then the sooner the band has to be rotated to a “clean” piece of rubber. An example is the GB 300m Club at Bisley. There are eight lanes which have been in use for one season and the 300m shooters are very accurate in the 10 ring. Having checked the rubber band at the end of the season and many 1000’s of rounds per target we discovered that the sound chamber integrity was still intact. With the amount of movement required on the band every year we estimate that a band will probably last for five years before needing replacement. At current prices this makes the consumable cost about £30 per year!


Q.     There is no mention of an installation charge or service. Why is this?

A.     The KTS Electronic Target System is designed to be both simple to use and install.  As a result just about every range with KTS targets has been installed by the users themselves, following the straightforward instructions that are provided.


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