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Electronic targets from 10m to 1200yds           Agents for

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ORION powerful software to manage all your competitions. (click on Orion for datasheet in pdf)


  • Produce your own competitions or use built in templates.
  • Control all shooting from a central PC.
  • Shoot relays in a competition.
  • Shooting clock with countdown to start.
  • Print all competition results for the individual and the competition as a whole (requires printer)
  • Export results to a website
  • Link to spectator software

WinGPS Spectator display software another dimension in shooting.                                (Click on WinGPS for datasheet in pdf)

  • Create greater interest from spectators by displaying graphics of live firing.
  • Show lanes for all competitors to compare scores.
  • Can be set to auto zoom on each target (worst shot) for maximum interest.
  • View archived relays for coaching.
  • Send data to a projector or other display system for better spectator viewing.
  • Requires Orion software

*ORION and WinGPS each require a low specification PC or laptop.


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