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Independent report for NRA proves accuracy at 1000yds to be 0.65mm, making Kongsberg electronic targets much more accurate than traditional paper targets.

No more guessing scores or using gauges.

More interest for your club members and visitors created by instant live target displays.

Watch your scores improve as it becomes easier to shoot to your potential.

Complete consistency in scoring and accuracy between targets, giving you the confidence of no variation or mistakes by markers, so no reason for challenges to delay the result. 

Electronic targets do not expand or shrink with humidity levels, as paper does. Therefore all competitors in a match have exactly the same chance of success.

Tests have shown that there can be discrepancies of up to 30mm on paper targets at 600yds. Do you want to shoot on a target that is 30mm smaller than your opponent? No, of course not!

So you are shooting in your club and you want to train, or shoot a competition but there is no auto target changing and "Old Joe" is taking forever to shoot his card….

It happens in every club that uses manual target changing. You always have to wait for the slowest shooter to finish before changing target. Meanwhile you look through your spotting scope and try to guess if a shot will gauge in or out.

Or, if you are shooting long range, then you have to rely on the lottery of having an accurate and quick marker, assuming one is available for when you want to shoot.

You can get a much greater throughput for a given time on electronic targets, than you ever could on out dated manual targets.

More shooting per target means more money and more interest generated for your Club.

With electronic targets there is no more waiting and no more guessing.

Fire a shot and as you look at the monitor next to you, the score has appeared. It is that quick! Keep on shooting to your rhythm and watch the group build on the screen along with the score total.

You can view the whole target or zoom in to the centre. It's really impressive to watch your group build up in the bull.

You can print your scores and groups – copies for your shooting diary or for coaching, or for club records too. (Suitable printer required)

Save ongoing costs when you don’t have to buy paper targets anymore. If your club is environmentally conscious then you won’t need to re-cycle all your old targets.

All the best shooters say that it is very important to centre your group before starting a competition. That’s why we have "sighters".

The monitor always shows your group centre so it is easier to keep in the centre of the "10".

How about a smart card for the system?

Insert the smart card into the monitor and your name appears on screen and on your target print out.

For the GB 300m Club the smart card is also used as the club membership card. A card can be programmed to allow a limited number of shots on a target, for instance, in a competition or for a guest to visit the range. Or the card can be programmed with a time allowance - perfect for renting out a target. Once the time limit is reached the target will stop registering shots.

Control your range from a single position (click on link)

Get the best out of the KTS system by linking it to a computer. The system is self-contained and will run without a computer but the full potential is only realized when used with the supplied software, Orion and WinGPS.

ORION – powerful software to manage all your competitions.                                                             (click on name for link to data sheet)               

  • Produce your own competitions or use built in templates.
  • Control all shooting from a central PC.
  • Shoot relays in a competition.
  • Shooting clock with countdown to start.
  • Print all competition results for the individual and the competition as a whole (requires printer)
  • Export results to a website
  • Link to spectator software for display on a projector or monitor

WinGPS – Spectator display software – another dimension in shooting.                            (click on name for link to data sheet)               

  • Create greater interest from spectators by displaying graphics of live firing.
  • Show lanes for all competitors to compare scores.
  • Can be set to auto zoom on each target (worst shot) for maximum interest.
  • View archived relays for coaching.
  • Send data to a projector or other display system for better spectator viewing.
  • Requires Orion software

*ORION and WinGPS each require a low specification PC or laptop.

When we wanted electronic targets for our own 300m range at Bisley we looked at many manufacturers. We had our wish list:

  • Reasonable price                                               
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Availability of inexpensive spares
  • Technical backup

We found all this and more with KTS (Kongsberg Target Systems) of Norway.

Two of us were so impressed with the product range, helpfulness and competence of the Company that we started an Agency (ETSys) in the UK.

KTS is 10 years old and is owned by a young, vibrant team, backed up by Norma, one of the largest ammunition companies in Europe. In those 10 years they have produced over 4000 targets, distributed across Europe, to be used at ranges from 10m up to 1200 yards.

We all enjoy our shooting and Kongsberg electronic targets enhance our pleasure by providing instant feedback to the firing point and spectators. Life becomes easier when we don’t have to score, file and store bulky targets.

KTS are so confident in their systems that they will do everything in their power to resolve any problems that might occur. ETSys have technical help for our customers and we have the instant backup of KTS

Let me give you an example:

Huddersfield Rifle Club fitted 2 lanes of KTS at 500yds. Initially, everything worked fine but the system was a bit slow. Then the system failed and from club feedback it was decided that the target electronics should be replaced. A replacement was shipped within 24hrs. This did not resolve the problem.

It was then discovered that Huddersfield had fitted data cable using some of the old phone line to the butts. KTS shipped 600yds of data cable within 24hrs. The system worked perfectly and quickly – for a while then failed again. This time, it was discovered that rabbits had eaten the cable!

So after repair everything was ok again – until another failure. We asked Huddersfield what had changed on the range and they said that a farmer had installed an electric fence nearby. This started the technical guys at KTS thinking about radio interference. So they did a search of the area on the internet and discovered that only a few miles away was one of the largest TV transmitters in the UK.

The whole area was being blanketed by radio interference including that produced by the electric fence. Once the cause was known Huddersfield installed shielded data cable and buried it (500yds). We now recommend that all systems in the UK be fitted with shielded data cable.

Success, with a very quick and stable system! Huddersfield were so pleased with the system that they fitted another two lanes at 200yds. in April 05.

KTS are leaders in electronic target technology. To find more information about the easy way to create more enjoyment from shooting follow the link to http://www.kongsberg-ts.no/en/index.php

Electronic targets are the future of shooting. Make sure that your club is at the forefront of this revolution, fit Kongsberg electronic target systems.


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